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 lombok1 In Lombok, there is beauty almost everywhere that one cares to look. White sandy beaches, a waterfall in the middle of a forest and green cratered volcanoes, all await the adventurous tourist. A new international airport is due to open on Lombok in early 2011, and this famous pearl producing island hopes to attract more visitors to its shores as a result.

IF YOU ONLY have two or three days to kill on Lombok, then you should really visit Senggigi Beach, the three Gili Islands and the weaving craft centre in Sukarara, which is only a few kilometers from the capital, Mataram. If you have more time at your disposal, then don’t miss out on a cultural tour of a traditional Sasak village and the majestic southern coast that stretches out from Kuta (in terms of tourist numbers, the complete opposite of its Balinese namesake).

 lombok2Developed as Lombok’s centre of tourism two decades ago, Senggigi remains the most popular destination on this 80 kilometres wide island, both with local and international tourists. There are hotels and restaurants of various classes here, and culinary and shopping tourism are its main attractions. Senggigi is also the best place on the island to rent vehicles from. Be aware that most vehicle rentals require visitors to hire a driver as well, although this is perhaps not such a bad idea since many of Lombok’s roads are still without signs.
 lombok3In an attempt to avoid the main tourist throng, I drove the 3,5 kilometres to Mangsit, an area filled with bungalows which nestle among rows of palm trees. The black sands of the Senggigi area may not be to everyone tastes though, and in fact the best beaches in the region are to be found on the Gilis, the three legendary islands just off the northwest coast of Lombok which are a magnet for beach lovers, divers and party animals alike.
 lombok4Stories about the trio of Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, and Gili Meno started to circulate decades ago among European tourists, who would stay there for months on end. These tourists pioneers enjoyed the many panoramas that the islands offered, as well as the great snorkeling and the mellow beaches that were free of motorized vehicles. The luster of these three islands currently shines even brighter now that Lonely Planet has featured them as one of its Top 10 Regions in its Best in Travel 2011 guide.

The Gilis, which lie in the Lombok Strait, can be visited on a day trip from Senggigi. The best way of doing this is by renting a boat. If you start early, you can reach Gili Trawangan, try your hand at some snorkeling or diving, enjoy the beach, have lunch at one of island’s many eateries, and then visit the two quieter, neighboring islands. Towards evening, you can sail along the shoreline of West Lombok, stop for a while in Batu Bolong to take pictures, then move on to Malimbu, a hilly area around seven kilometers north of Senggigi. The main attraction here is watching the sun as it sets slowly behind Bali’s towering Agung Volcano.

 lombok_5The following day, the best option is to go shopping for the some of the island’s famous woven textiles in Sukarara and experience the daily life of the local Sasak communities (the native people of Lombok) whilst you are there. Sasak villages are spread out across many locations around the island, the closest to Senggigi being Segenter and Senaru, about 50 kilometres to the north. The culture and life of the Sasak community in Segenter is still relatively untouched by the detrimental excesses of modernization. Their houses are still made of bamboo, as is clearly visible in their walls and frames, while the roofs are made of tall grass. The most curious elements are the floors, which are made from a mixture containing water buffalo or cow dung.
 lombok6I drove up the slope of the huge Mount Rinjani and stopped at Senaru. The asphalt road ends at the village gate. Unlike Segenter, this village was crowded with tourists. Perhaps this is because it is the starting point for climbs up to Segara Anak lake (2,000 metres above sea level) and beyond to the top of Rinjani (3,200 metres), one of the most handsome volcanoes in Indonesia. A 20 minutes trip took me to Sendang Gile, the most famous waterfall in Lombok. The view is gorgeous and the water seems to slice down through leaves and tree trunks.

 Denpasar - Mataram (by Garuda Indonesia Airlines)
 Departure Arrival Flight Number
 19:15 hrs
 19:50 hrs
 GA 436
 Mataram - Denpasar (by Garuda Indonesia Airlines)
Flight Number
 20:35 hrs
21:10 hrs
GA 437
 Denpasar - Mataram (by Lion Air)
Flight Number
 09:50 am
10:20 am
JT 1852
 11:40 am
12:10 hrs
JT 1850
 14:00 hrs
14:30 hrs
JT 1856
 16:10 hrs
16:40 hrs
JT 1854
 Mataram - Denpasar (by Lion Air)
Flight Number
 10:45 am
11:15 am
JT 1835
 12:35 hrs
13:05 hrs
JT 1851
 14:55 hrs
15:25 hrs
JT 1857
 17:05 hrs
17:35 hrs
JT 1855
 Denpasar - Mataram (by Trigana/Trans Nusa Airlines)
Flight Number
 13:00 hrs
13:25 hrs
TG 544
 16:00 hrs
16:25 hrs
TG 540
 Mataram - Denpasar (by Trigana/Trans Nusa Airlines)
Flight Number
 08:00 am
08:25 am
TG 543
 12:00 hrs
12:25 hrs
TG 545


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